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Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator Review

Do you enjoy making healthy snacks but you don’t want to spend too much money?

Then a decent food dehydrator would be a great choice! Why? Because drying food is an easy, healthy and fun activity for you and your entire family – and it’s super-fast!

Be careful when choosing though… There are a lot of crappy dehydrators out there.

Some of them are large, heavy, hard to maintain, they make terrible noise and cost you tons of your hard-earned money. If you are considering buying one of these, I urge you to carefully examine all the options and not to settle for less than you can get.

Right now we’re going to be looking at the Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator, which is a very powerful dehydrator that comes at a relatively affordable price.

Its unique and cool design will fit in nicely anywhere you put it. It comes with 10 square pull-out trays that cover an amazing 10 square feet! You normally won’t need all 10 trays anyway, unless you have a rather large family and want to dry a lot of food at once.

These trays are also very easy to clean and maintain, and there’s no need to rotate them whatsoever. Their square shape enables better utilization of drying area (unlike circular).

Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator has a rear mounted fan (like Excalibur) which spreads the heat horizontally across each tray, making sure that the food is dried evenly. This also ensures that the motor is not suffering from any kind of juice leakage that might cause permanent damage and shorten its life-span. The motor is very powerful (600W) which ensures that the food can be dried quickly and effectively.

You might have heard or read about these dehydrators being rather ‘noisy’ while active. Well, with Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator, you can forget all about that. Its ultra-quiet fan feature makes it so silent, that you won’t even notice its running! This is very important because food drying does take approximately a few hours and a noisy sound can slowly but surely drive you crazy.

Won’t a few hours of drying every day cost me a lot of money? Not at all, this Weston dehydrator is very energy-efficient; you need not worry about getting huge electric bills.

There is also a built-in sophisticated thermostat on which you can set the temperature ranging from 84 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator is very convenient to handle because of its ultra-light weight (only 18.3 pounds) and rather small dimensions (15.4 x 21 x 15.4 inches). If you take any other food dehydrator, you will notice it is much bigger and heavier, and is therefore much harder to find a place for it.
I would like to conclude by saying that (considering the price); the VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator is a very, very good choice for anyone!

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