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Top Picks for Gaming Mice

        Here are some more of our favorite gaming mice from 2018.

                                    Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands

            Steel Series Rival 310: Priced at $55.00. This gaming mouse is a little wider than most, it is wired and made for the gamers with large hands. Its very ergonomic and fits the right-handed gamer very well. It has a lot of runner texture on both sides for gripping. There is an optical sensor that the Rival 600 uses as well. It doesn’t’ have the dedicated lift off switch like the 600 does. The performance in games is excellent and it is low weight too. The RGB lighting is awesome and it has intuitive software, which is a plus.

                                    Best MMO Mouse

            Razer Naga Trinity: Priced at $ 92.00. This mouse is great for the games in which you are casting spells and you pick your abilities. This mouse has a lot of side buttons. This mouse is the best pick for MMO games, hands down. It is a little pricey, but worth it! It has a unique design and you can choose up to three different side button layouts. There is a circular dial that provides seven buttons with a grip in the center, a number pad design with twelve buttons arranged in a grid plus more usual two button, designed for those who play shooter games often. It is a heavier mouse, weighing 120 grams, it doesn’t allow for precise movements. It is still one of the best around despite a few flaws.

                                    Best Budget Mouse

            Logitech Prodigy G203: Priced at $27.00. This gaming mouse is a very cheap and it does a lot for the price. It is a wired mouse and it comes with programmable RGB lighting. Many gamers do not like to pay a lot for their accessories, and some just don’t have money to spend as often. This mouse has 16.8 million colors that you can set up with your free software. It has many different lighting effects also. It comes with six programmable buttons. The mouse supports 200 to 8000 DPI and there are four sensitivity levels. You can take a fast sniper shot and hit your target with this mouse. It has an optimized base design. It has some comfort and performance to it for the price. It comes in black or white. This is one of ours and Thetechinsiders favorites.

                                    Best Wireless Mouse

            Logitech G903 Lightspeed: Priced at: $ 115.00. This is quite pricey, but it is wireless. It is very awesome what this little mouse can do. It is great at performance and features a new wireless charging station.  It is designed for ambidextrous gamers, and it has 11 programmable buttons.  You get free desktop software too. You never have to worry about changing the batteries or overnight charging times. It comes with its own charging station, which is a great selling point for this gaming mouse. Once you try it, you might just love it! It is a great mouse and affordable.

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