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Information On Italian Pizzelles

Pizzelles Origination

The Pizzelle originated in central Italy. Made from a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter they can be seen as the Italian version of the common American waffle. Whilst the batter is similar the cooking style is very different, as the Pizzelles are pressed into a thin cookie style shape whereas waffles are left to hold a chunky frame and a large amount of batter in a single piece. The people over at did some reviews on the best machines that make these awesome treats.


Although they are all cooked similar, Pizzelles can vary from hard to soft and chewy depending on times they are cooked for and the method of preparation with the ingredients. Usually a shorter cooking time will produce a much softer and spongier Pizzelle, whereas cooking them for a longer period of time will make a much harder and crispy Pizzelle.

The name Pizzelle comes from the Italian word for round and flat known as pizze. The name sounds very similar to the commonly known word of Pizza. Resemblence can be seen of the Pizza and the Pizzelle as the shape and sizing is very similar. Cultures from all around the world have now developed their own style of pizzelle type cookie such as the Norwegian Krumkake. Names for the Pizzelle vary across Italy, in the Lazio region they are known as ferratelle and in Molise they are known as cancelle.

Cooking Pizzelles

Cooking a Pizzelle was done by the Italians in various ways. The most common was to make some cookie dough or batter and then place this into a Pizzelle iron. Once inside the iron which looks very similar to the waffle irons we have in America, the iron is placed above a stovetop or a hot burner. The iron will then stamp a snowflake style pattern into the Pizzelle and the shape will form until it is properly cooked into a golden brown cookie. In the modern day world we have no need for the old school irons, and a electric iron can be used to heat, mold and cook the Pizzelle. The majority of our pizzelle maker reviews are for modern day irons that are heated via electricity, these give the best overall results and cook it to perfection. Alongside this the electric pizzelle makers are much safer than older ones and are also much easier to use and time.

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