The Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam is designed and engineered according to all the latest technologies and techniques. This product is promised to deliver you the best services with each kind of the fabric and for each type of the garment that you wear. This garment steamer is manufactured by one of the highly reputable companies and is able to deliver you the best possible services, they were even included in the exclusive article by Delicious at:


This water tank is able to provide you the tank that is of about 61 oz capacity. This streamer gets completely heated up in just 45 to 60 seconds of time. It can provide you about sixty minutes of stable steam once the water tank is full. It can provide you the steam up to 248 degrees F. This is done to penetrate and relax the fibre and this is even helpful for killing the germs. It uses the aluminium heating element to provide the best services. Also, this product is able to offer you the five year long manufacturer warranty. It can be easily used for any kind of fibre. This garment steamer is powerful enough to release all the wrinkles in just one pass; to provide you the perfectly finished and crisp clothes.


  • This device is made heavy duty and powerful.
  • It comes along with a fabric brush and garment hanger as well.
  • You can use it to steam each and every kind of fabric.
  • This device works extremely faster than all the other old fashioned and traditional steamers.
  • It is extremely easy to be used and can be used by anyone.
  • Because of its being light in weight it can be easily managed and manoeuvred conveniently.
  • This steamer is made portable to be easily carried around to different places without any problem.
  • This is made practical taking care of each and every affecting factor.
  • This steamer can also be useful for steaming the larger clothing pieces as well.


Elite Garment SteamerThere are no such known drawbacks of this particular cloth steamer. It surely is able to provide you the service according to the desired quality standards.


Quality is what the Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam is known to offer you. This product is not the one worth missing and surely provides you the services that last long enough. You need not worry as it is said to be great by all of its previous customers.

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Specifications and reviews directed me To trust it’d fit my needs all. It is wireless, has DPI of 2500 entire 27, and reviews stated that AA batteries place would last for month and even.

It Comes in remarkable packaging including a solid plastic case that let you store elements. Bundle include wireless USB dongle, mouse and AA batteries.

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It Includes 4 different DPI settings which are flexible on mouse through DPI buttons. 500, 1200 can be adjusted from by you. Mouse has and you can’t set colours that are unique for different DPI settings, making it tough to possess of exactly what DPI are using during match track.

Most Reviews whined for its dimensions. However good for users with Massive hands. This is not a typical mouse and requires larger than normal hands to use the mouse, sometimes when using it you will struggle to reach all the buttons and will require assistance to help reaching the buttons that are located on the right or left side of the mouse.

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